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My Reading Month - October

Better late than never - I hope - here is my October list. Last month I was given some cordless headphones, and they have revolutionised my life. I walk a great deal, and have now been able to listen to audiobooks as I wander the country lanes or sit beside the river, contemplating the heron waiting under the opposite bank. My usual source for these books is the excellent BBC Sounds , and in October I enjoyed three books: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, which I read for the monthly Six Degrees of Separation book challenge, was wonderful. I had only ever read (and loved) Daisy Miller before - my hand has hovered over other James novels on my shelves, but I've never felt quite up to any of them. The Turn of the Screw is about a governess who takes a job at a remote country house, Bly, where she is to teach two small children, Flora and Miles. Her employer, the children's uncle, lives in London and makes it clear that he does not want to hear anything from her once she ha

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