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Reading the Meow 2024: The Cat Who Came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory

1977: Christmas Eve in New York City. The snow is falling  Author, socialite and animal rights activist Cleveland Amory is contemplating spending Christmas alone in his Central Park apartment  Recently divorced, he’s having to devote so much time to trying to shore up his anti-cruelty charity, The Fund for Animals, that he’s years behind on a book deadline, embarrassingly late with work for magazines, and still at his desk at 7pm on the night before one of the biggest family-based holidays of the year   ‘And on top of it all, there was a final irony in the situation  Although I had had animals in my life for as long as I could remember…..and although I was working on animal problems every day of my life - I had not a single creature to call my own.  For an animal person, an animal-less home is no home at all.’  An hour or so later, everything has changed A stray cat, filthy, starving and injured is frequenting an alleyway at the back of Amory’s apartment building. Ruth Dwork, an invete

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