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Six Degrees of Separation: September 2021

Six Degrees of Separation  is hosted by Kate of . Our starter book for September is Rachel Cusk’s Booker Prize nominated  Second Place . Years ago now I really tried with Cusk’s Arlington Park and The Country Life, but I eventually decided that her writing just wasn’t for me. Hence I have no plans to read Second Place , and my first book is simply a link to a word in the title. Caldicott Place by Noel Streatfield was written in 1967. It’s a typical Streatfeild story about a family whose life is disrupted, but to whom happiness is - by a chain of  fortuitous (and, it must be said, unlikely!) circumstances – eventually restored. The Johnstones lead a happy life in a small town. Father is the foreman of a factory in London, and is, The nicest sort of father, always interested in anything his family were doing and he did his best to help. There are three children and – as is inevitably the case in Streatfeild’s children’s books – a dog, this one

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